SAGE Black University

SAGE Black University is a budgeted strategic directive focused on developing the SAGE Black team members’ core capabilities through professional and technology education and training. A direct benefit to our consultants, SAGE Black University ensures that our team members are given every opportunity to advance their professional knowledge.


For the Consultant

Our team members understand that keeping abreast of the latest technology trends is critical to their success. Our consultants are afforded paid training opportunities throughout year. SAGE Black University ensures that those days are utilized to maximize the benefit to the consultant, the customer, and to SAGE Black.

SAGE Black offers it's consultants a choice between two training models:

  • Traditonal Training Model: The consultant receives a $3,000 annual training budget along with 40 paid training hours. This benefit allows the consultant to attend conferences, take training classes, purchase reference materials and attend SAGE Black sponsored training.

  • Tuition Assistance Model: The consultant receives $6,000 in tuition assistance annually to pursue college degrees (undergraduate or graduate) or professional certifications.

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For the Customer

SAGE Black customers understand that if they need skills brought into their domain, SAGE Black is responsive. We put together custom, comprehensive training plans that bring our consultants up to speed quickly. Our goal is to have cutting edge knowledge on all of the technologies our customers use.

For the Company

As a company, we understand that a focused investment in our people keeps us competitive. By listening to our customers’ needs as well, as monitoring emerging technologies, we can stay ahead of the progress curve to ensure our people are ready to deliver when called upon.