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Serve our Customers - Develop our Team - Built to Deliver


SAGE Black delivers world-class data and software solutions through consulting services & products.

We begin by thoroughly understanding our customers' needs and requirements. Our team designs, develops, tests and delivers efficient and effective end to end solutions. Our team also provides a host of analytical services through our analyst business arm.

To our employees, we hire based on Talent, Skill & Attitude and then invest in their growth through creative avenues like SAGE Black University, our in-house education initiative.


We deliver products and services that fulfil the needs of our customers. We do this with our team as a team. We have some of the best minds, talent and hearts on the planet and we love creating solutions and solving challenges for our customers.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to secure what is most important in the lives of those we support. It is the “Why?” that counts. We do what we do for our Country, Families and the Security and Freedoms we all enjoy.


We care about what we do and who we work with. Our people are committed to developing excellent careers while maintaining a quality work/life balance. We attract a broad spectrum of teammates who want to work in the SAGE Black model. Our consultants are looking for a place to work, but also to grow personally, technically and professionally. We are here to make a living, yes, but also to make a life.

Please see our Crafted Culture Page to learn more!

Data Centric Services

SAGE Black provides a wide range of data centric services from data architecture and database design to software development and architecture implementations.

Our specialty is designing, building and deploying large information solutions:

  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Multi-Level Security Support
  • Technical and Leadership Training
  • Project Leadership
  • Talented, Qualified and Highly Motivated People

Intelligence and Data Analysis Services

SAGE Black provides a wide range of data analytic services from intelligence analysts to specialized cartography analysis services. SAGE Black stands ready to transform data into information for our customers.

We pride ourselves in bringing highly experienced, top of the line analysts to the team to ensure our customers are provided with top tier intelligence and data analytics:

  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Imagery analysis
  • Data Science

SAGE Black Skill Sets

SAGE Black is constantly looking at the market and determining where business needs are going unmet or expanding at a rate that we could add significant value. If the need involves data, we want to be the masters at addressing that need.

Our current portfolio includes:

  • Focus on delivery while expanding to commercial environments where we provide unique value
  • Developing and delivering talent across the spectrum of software and database technologies
  • Cyber awareness and capabilities – hardware & software
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and DevOps strategic delivery
  • Oracle based technology provider
  • Agile delivery process and methodology
  • Top tier intelligence and data analysis services
  • Large Project management services
  • Cutting edge Information Technology engineering and management
  • Full spectrum systems test engineering, evaluation, and analysis

SAGE Black History

SAGE Black was created in 2005 to provide high quality, customer centric IT consulting & contracting services to Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) programs in the Intelligence Community (IC).

The company’s name reflects the technology, inspiration, ambition and audacity of the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) System built by the US Department of Defense during the Cold War to solve a large scale data fusion problem. Black represents the company’s commitment to classified programs and support of U.S. national security

The founders believed they could improve the model for delivering resources to TS/SCI programs, and this new model would provide a significant opportunity to deliver a continuous pipeline of highly talented, highly skilled and highly motivated consultants. These consultants possess the talent, skills and attitude to deliver with any tool in any domain and understand that the reason they are engaged on any project is that they deliver value to their customer.

The SAGE Black delivery capabilities have evolved and expanded from where we began with Oracle centric services delivery, and have grown to deliver a broader range of services including Java, web development and large datastore delivery in governmental and commercial markets.

One thing has not changed and that is the focus on and understanding of our customer’s needs and developing people and products to meet those needs.

Sage console circa 1968
Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Console ca. 1968
Sage console circa 1968
The Largest Computer Ever Built - The SAGE system